Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures on a Walk

Is this not the sweetest little face?
It just melts me like a Popsicle on the Forth of July to look at it!
My friend Hollie just got a new camera so we played with it while we went on a little walk... Isnt she great?! I mean seriously.. these are the cute little faces you want to remember, and she caught it perfectly!
ps. b was actually really happy. she just was having a moment.. like she often does. :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tonight while Jon and I were having dinner I set Brynlee down on a Blanket to play with some toys...

So were you wondering where Brynlee is?
I sure did
I swear i set her down on the side of the blanket closest to the stairs..
But she was NOWHERE is sight!
So i went into my family room..

I Have NO idea how the heck she got over there so fast! She is really been on the move today!!
When i found her she SQUEALED..laughed.. and got all stiff like this..

Case in point #2...
I put her on the couch today for a second to RUN into her room and grab a diaper..
good thing i shoved the ottoman against the couch...
i returned not even 3 seconds later to find her wedged into the crevice of the couch. :D
Am i a bad mom for laughing first.. taking a picture Second.. ok.. multiple pictures... and THEN removing her? hahaha.
No more leaving my little rolly polly anywhere!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

same same

Could you just DIE at how cute these girls are??
Katie and I have so much fun Dressing our Girls alike.
We cant wait for Baby Marley to be here to join the fun!
Katie got these DARLING matching Jammies at Target so we couldn't resist a quick photo shoot...(thanks kate!)
All we had was a phone camera, and we had to take it fast so its a little blurry, but they all still look so cute!