Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Chiefy Boy

So we just got Chief this Dogloo. He was pretty hesitant to go in it at first.. but after much doglog (his favorite treat) i think he's beginning to think its ok. Isnt he cute? He's getting so big! Here are a few more pics of Chief from this last summer. He is such a fun dog with more energy than a St.Bernard should have.. what am i saying.. He has more energy than ANY dog should have. (those who know him are all nodding their heads) But he really is a big sweetheart and we love him!

HAPPY BABY SHELBY ANN!!! (this is a cell phone quality video.sorry)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not So Fun Drive Home

If there was ever a time to count our blessings it was this weekend. We left St. George on Monday evening around 6. We would have left earlier but the reports advised to wait until the storm clears. What we needed was a report to tell us when the retards on the roads cleared. Well, we were driving just past Beaver, around this slick bend in the summit and Jon started to pull over. I looked to see what he was doing and noticed a car that had slid off into the ditch. He went to see if they were ok, and then came running back to move me and the car off the side of the road next to the speeding semi's. I got out and Jon made me and the two girls driving the wrecked car stand on the side of the hill away from the car. Well another big truck stopped by the side of the road, about parallel to the car in the ditch, and Jon was up talking to him, letting him know the highway patrol was coming and the girls needed to be towed so there was nothin they could do.. Well while he was talkin to the guy i saw two cars come around the bend. ... one slams on their brake and the other is forced to as well.. Well the first car passes us but the second one starts fish tailing-and BAD. They were coming right for Jon and the truck. I screamed Jon's name, and to RUN, and took off up the hill. It was the scariest thing that's ever happend to me. The truck heard me scream and floored it. He made it out of the way just in time. I dont know how jon made it out. He said as he was running he saw the car only feet away from him as it came sliding into the ditch. It also luckily and barely missed the already stuck car. Im so amazed, greatful, shocked, etc. that nobody got hurt. Everyone got up on the hill to wait for the Highway Patrol man incase anyone else neglected to follow the REDUCE SPEED AHEAD Sign! The officer got there and we left, only to see about 25 more slide-off's in the 15 min. it took us to get to Fillmore. We probably could have made it home in jons safe 4-wheel drive car, but we didnt want to risk it with the busy holiday traffic, and Jon was too shooken up to finish driving. We stayed at this kind of crappy best western called the Paradise Resort?!?! Neither of us could sleep, but that didnt matter. We were together, and SAFE.

More St. George Fun

Here are some pictures of the rest of the Weekend fun! We had so much fun at Steve's Outback Birthday dinner, AND at everyone else's birthday dinner on Monday at Iggy's.
One of the Highlights of the weekend was going to go see Cousin Tawni's baby Stella.She was born at 30 weeks and she is such an Angel. She was sooooo tiny. There are pictures on Tawni's blog of Stella next to a coke bottle.. we're talkin a little coke bottle and she is the same size..But until you see her in real life, you cant really understand how small she is. She was so perfect. I learned while we were there that there was a difference in Premature babies and Preterm babies. Premature babies can be a normal weight, but something isnt developed, or they're sick..(for exaple our Katie was born early-She was normal size but those lungs needed more time to develop) Baby Stella is PreTERM-which means she's fully developed, she just needs more time to GROW!! She is perfectly healthy, just TINY. You can just feel the strength and love that Tawni and Jason have for that little angel. What a wonderful little family!

The Painters Half Marathon!!!

I've been training, as most of you know for my first Half Marathon. Jonny was going to do it with me but got sick Half way through training so he didnt do this one. On Thursday night Jonny, My Cousin Heather and her cute little baby Emma and I drove down to St. George. On Friday night we went to Outback with Gma Helen, jon, heather, emma, and Uncle Steve for His Birthday. It was so yummy.(Thanks Gma!)
Saturday Jan.19 was my Dad's Birthday, and the Morning of the race. My mom sent me a mushy text about how he'd be proud of me and maybe he'd be there cheering us on. MOOOOOM!! :) well i hope we was anyway...So we woke on that Freeeeezing morning and Heather and I ran the 26th annual Painters Half Marathon. It was such a beautiful run. I've had to train inside, so running outside on the dirt, asphalt, trails, bridges, and hills was quite the change, but it was still really neat. It was hard, and my feet STILL hurt, but really rewarding and I'm happy to say I DID IT. I had SO MUCH fun training and running with Heather. Its so awesome to have cousins that you grow up with and feel more like sisters than cousins. We plan on running the HobbleCreek Half in Aug... and hopefully some between then too! OH--and since we're feelin really nuts, we're talkin about doin the St. George Marathon too.. ask me more about that when my feet stop hurting :)
After the race Jonny bought Me and Heather a day at the SPA! We both had Facials and an hour Massage. (I know, my Husband is AWESOME!!!) It was so nice to have our screaming limbs massaged and realaxed. Thanks jon
It was such an awesome trip. Jon enjoyed the GOLF everday, and i just enjoyed being down there in the Warm(er) weather, and hanging with my awesome Family! love you guys!!!