Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Little Lady..BUG

Today I gave Brynlee her FIRST PIGGY TAILS! 
(pretty good for only 3 months old)
They were more like lady bug antennaes though with her cute outfit from Grandma Theresa!
I cant stand how CUTE and Chubby my little bug is!

My sweet little lady bug became quite the stink bug when she'd had it with the pictures and she was ready for her nap. What a priceless scowl!
(she later became a literal sting bug when she completely pooped up the back of her diaper and into her new lady bug outfit. bummer. )
O WELL... stink bug or not ... She's still the cutest bug I've ever seen. :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Monday we went to the bees game with our cute friends the Umbrells. It was alot of fun for the hour we were there before that monster of a storm came in. My baby is getting so big! Isnt she cute in her bees game yellow?

Ali~Kate~and Emy.
Spenc and Jon (with a mouth full of seeds..Nice)