Wednesday, December 31, 2008

5 years ago...

....I had the BEST New Years Eve when Jonny got home from Guatemala!

I seriously cant believe it's already been 5 years!!!Time Flies! But what a fantastic 5 its been! I cant wait for the next 5!

(These pics were taken...maybe the day after Jon got home. Doesn't he look SO young?!)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Hopeless Romantic ~Unconscious~ Husband.

My sweet Jonny talks in his sleep quite often. He's quite the active sleeper too, to be honest. I consider myself lucky to have escaped thus far without a broken nose, or cheek bones for all the times I've been elbowed, or slugged in the face. :D He says the funniest things. I wish I was conscious enough to write them down. I think i need to keep a pen by the bed. :D

Well the other night the funniest thing happened.

I woke up because Jonny started SINGING. In his Sleep! and then to my surprise, he reached down, grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he fell right back asleep. Completely dead to the world, like he had never even moved to begin with.
I wish i could remember what he sang. I just laughed out loud. He of course didn't remember anything. :D
I love waking up and asking him about what he remembers. Its almost ALWAYS nothing. I love my sleep talking-and now singing Husband! He's the sweetest guy in the whole world!~Even in his Sleep!

Jon~i hope you re not embarrassed that i shared this. :) at least I'm not telling any bottomless stories. :D hahaha. 3

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our 24 Week Ultrasound

Here are the Pictures of our 24 week Ultrasound. This was by far my FAVORITE appointment so far! We got to see so much detail of our little (still) Girl! Our little stinker had her hand up on her face the whole time, so it took forever to get any decent pictures. Our Ultrasound Tech was great. She just kept trying, and she ended up getting some great pictures i thought. I think her lips look like Jonny's.

This first picture is her profile facing right.. and the second is of her little arm and hand.

The first picture here is her Mouth open (her eyes only LOOK open

In the second you can see her Ear and her hand is on the top of the picture across her forehead. Check out those CHEEKS!

The last 3 are one of her face from a front shot, Its a little distorted, but this one is where i think her mouth really looks like Jonny's.

The second is a 2D profile picture.

and the 3rd is the VERY BEST picture of her little Face. I don't need to explain this one cause its so AWESOME! Isn't she the Cutest?! I sure think so.

If you cant tell what you're looking at they are mostly of her FACE. Try and find the nose and mouth..that makes it easier. Enjoy!

Im SO excited to have a little GIRL!

THIS is one of the BIGGEST reasons I am SO excited to have a little GIRL!

Uncle Jon with Baby Shelby at Bear Lake. He Loves his Niece!

This is our friends little girl ALI. She LOVES Jon! She always comes over~Just walks in, and snuggles with Jon while he watches football. The other Sunday I came down from a nap and i found Ali sleeping on Jon. Apparently she came in and was out in two seconds! We love her!

Jonny is going to be the cutest Daddy. Every night he wants to watch our latest Ultrasound Video, and he always talks about how he can't wait until she's here! I love him.

Our Kenny Obsession

OK, My mom and i have this funny, crazy, nerdy? FUN AWESOME obsession with going to Kenny Loggins Concerts. :D I remember being a little girl and listening to Kenny Loggins so I guess I've just always loved, and i have a sentimental thing for his music and voice. In 2002 my mom surprised me while on a birthday trip in California to our very first Kenny Loggins Concert together. Since then anytime he's in Utah or close to Utah we go see him. Its become one of my very favorite things to do with her!

Now its 2008, and it was MY turn to suprise HER! A few months ago i saw he was coming to Provo, so i got two tickets, and hoped she didn't see he was coming. I knew if she did she would call me immediately, so i was happy when the 19th came along and she still didn't know! I told her I wanted to spend the afternoon with her shopping for baby stuff to throw her off. Well she had some plans for later that night so i ended up having to tell her I was taking her somewhere, but i wasn't telling her where, and she'd miss her plans that night.

When we got to Provo I took some back roads to get to the Covey Arts Center where he was playing just to throw her off. ( Its a good thing i did too because when we left we went by the front/side, and there was a big projected picture of his name and face on the wall! ) I pulled into the parking lot and the lady directing traffic asks me "Are you here for Kenny Loggins" :( I said yes, feeling a little disappointed that that would be how she found out, but to my delight, she was distracted in her purse so she DIDN'T EVEN HEAR her! So we walked up, and there was a big picture of his face! She just kept laughing and telling me "NO WAY!" It was such and AWESOME surprise! She had NO idea!

It was a great concert! It turned out to be his Last of his Tour AND it was Sold Out! Besides the great show Kenny puts on, we Love to watch and laugh at all the weird women waving their arms and trying to dance! :D Its so painfully awkward! One lady he sang to even layed a big kiss on lips when he went in to hug her. Those ladies are crazy!

Lehi Mills and Zions bank were the sponsors, so after the concert they had a little party in the lobby and gave everyone food, and gifts!

Thanks for letting me mom~nap you Mom! :D I can't wait for Kenny Concert #9.. Whenever that'll be! (now you all know the extent of our geekyness! 8 concerts in 7 years. wow.)
Sorry the picture is so dark. At least you cant see my pregnant fat face! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where did October. . . AND November Go?

Does anyone know where October went? Its almost the end of November and Im just getting over October. Where did November go? Good Grief. Time is flying. Don't get me wrong. Let it fly! Im anxious for March.. But still... Its ALMOST DECEMBER?!?!

So I'm going to play a little catch up~ OK, a BIG catch up on the October/November Happenings...

We had a fun little Halloween party with 5 of the CUTEST kids in the world!

Grey was Jack Jack, Jett was Iron man, Shelby was the cutest Bee, Carter was Buzz Lightyear!, and Luke was the Cutest Squirt i've ever seen!

Kt and Luke~Don't you just want to SQUEEZE him ?!?!

On the 28th Alesa and I went out to Disneyland for some Halloween fun together, and she surprised me with the reservations at the DISNEYLAND HOTEL. It was so awesome! She wanted to stay somewhere close for me in case i got tired. Isn't she the Greatest!? :D
Here's a view from our room.(it felt so HIGH)

The Park was decorated SO CUTE! Pumpkins EVERYWHERE! My FAVORITE.

California Adventure was so cute too! They had more of a Candy Corn Theme going on.. EVERYWHERE.

Alesa also got us tickets to the Trick-or-Treat party that night! She went as a "casual snow white", and i went as... well we called me "a punkin in a pumpkin" :D

There were tons of Candy Stations to trick or treat at. It was like being a little kid again. :D ... It was pretty crowded as you can see...

And sometimes a little scary too!

Alesa didnt seem to think so though! :D

It was such a FUN NIGHT! Thanks again Alesa!

We went back to Disneyland for most of the next day, and who can go to Disneyland without enjoying one (or more!!)of THESE beauties!? This is one of my favorite parts.. the CHURRO! mmm!

Later that afternoon we headed to Northern California to do some Serious Pumpkin Carving! Check out all these crates!

Here i am carving away..

Ta da..

Alesa with the GIANT pumpkin...

Carvin with the ELDERS...

Here are my pumpkins. I only did 4 because i worked FOREVER on my last one... Check out all the AMAZING pumpkins ALESA did on Her Blog!

Batman and the Joker..

I like to call this the pregnant pumpkin...

Here's why i only did 4. I spent a whole day making my Grandpa Gary's picture into a Stencil...

It took forever with all the hole punching and carving...

But i think it turned out ok. I wanted to do this for Grandma Helen.It was my main pumpkin project! She loved it. :D

It was nice to finally relax after all the carving and Halloween Party craziness.
Me and Gma Lund.

THAT Friends and Family was OCTOBER.. now i'll take a deep breath, and head into November!!!

First things first...

On the 4th (yes election day) We celebrated this Handsome Guys Birthday!

I am seriously SO happy he was born, and that i get to be married to such an awesome Guy! For Jonny's birthday, he wanted to keep it low key, so the two of us went out to dinner. When we got home our cute neighbors brought him some great Cards they had made, and some hot chocolate. :) I gave his some AWESOME Cold Play tickets i had bought months ago, and let me tell you how awesome he is~ He LOVES ColdPlay, but he sold the tickets so he could get himself something small, and spend the money on the baby. Isnt he the best?? I love you JONNY!

On HIS Birthday,????? Jon brought me home a new "safe" car for the baby to be in, so its good-bye to my wonderful old little civic.

And Hello to my wonderful new Envoy! (sorry i dont have a picture)

Another highlight was ditching work early to go see a movie with my Mom and Alesa! The best part was we were the only 3 people in the WHOLE MOVIE. It was like renting a movie theater out for $18!

So that's October, and November thus far. Stay tuned for some awesome Ultrasound pics. Our appointment is on the 19th! Yay.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Hammond #2

Congratulations to my little sis Katie!

Baby Hammond #2 is on its way! We are so excited for Nate and Katie! Our Babies will be only 3 months apart! Hurray!

Friday, October 24, 2008

High YA!!

However YOU describe it, Im absolutely in LOVE with feeling my little punkin move!

Monday, October 20, 2008


If you have a mouse trying to get into your house, just leave your dogs water out over night, and the mouse will take care of itself.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A week ago we had our 16 week appointment. My favorite part of the whole appointment is obviously the ultrasounds. All last month I'd been compiling questions to ask the Dr. to try and stall alittle to make the ultrasound a little longer ( they were real questions, i just had a lot of them) I also had Jon all practiced and well rehearsed to ask the Dr. to see all sorts of body parts while we were checking out the baby so we could get some really good shots!
The first shot was my favorite..all curled up in a very uncomfortable little ball wiggling its toes! I loved that! Well i proceed to ask tell the Dr. "I'd love to see some Fingers! and Toes! Oh, and we also need to make sure we're still having a Boy!"
So we see the toesies wiggling, and the little fist up by the head! So cute! Everything is looking GREAT, healthy, right on track with size and dates!Then the Dr. goes to answer my last question.. "Uh... There is just one little problem," "WHAT!I said!"

Remember that 12 week, 90% BOY shot?

WELL, It became our 16 week, 100% GIRL SHOT! Ha ha ha!

Here's our little Skeletor

Jon loved this one of her ribs and back. :) "coool"

So this March we will officially be welcoming a baby GIRL! The Dr. said he's sure it won't change again!

Boy did she have us fooled! :) I was completely stoked!I called my little sister Katie first to let her know her little Shelby wont be a loner anymore. :) She was thrilled too.
Don't get me wrong~I was really excited to have a boy, I am head over heals for my little nephews, but I'm super thrilled to be having a little girl! I'm so incredibly excited to see Jonny with her. He is probably the sweetest guy I know, but I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing a whole new side of sweet when he's holding his little baby girl. He's going to be the BEST daddy in the world. I cant wait!