Monday, July 6, 2009


Oh No!
Its happend again!
ANOTHER MONTH has gone by!!!
Where does the time go?

My Sweetie Petey is getting SO big!
Here are some of the new things Brynlee is doing...

1.She's mastered rolling from her belly to her back.
2. She'll roll from her back to her side
(she's so close rolling all the way back to her belly!)
3. She's found her thumb and LOVES to suck on it. Sometimes her other fingers find their way into her mouth and make her Gag really hard. Its funny!
4. She will drench at least 3 outfits a day in Drool!
5. She Loves to kick kick kick and swing her arms when she gets really excited.
6. She's loving her toys, rattles and anything bright that moves and makes sound in front of her face!
7. She is really good at falling asleep WHEN her eyes are covered with her blanket. This one is weird but she'll go right to sleep when i cover her eyes. :D
8. She wakes up SO SO cute and Happy, Like we are the most exciting thing she's ever seen in her life. I LOVE getting her after her naps.
9. Brynlee is starting to really really laugh. She has the cutest little belly laugh. It usually takes mommy and daddy doing something really silly and embarrassing or tickling her to get her to do it, but when she does it i want to burst with happiness.
10. She gets cuter and cuter every day.. How is that possible? :)

I love my baby girl.
Here are some fun Pictures I took of Brynlee on her 4 month birthday!

Brynlee loves to look at herself and smile!
Look! She found her toes! :)

such a silly billy


The many cute faces of Brynlee!!!...

chinS and Cheeks are the BEST!

These last 4 months have been so fun. Crazy and tiring, but they've been so awesome.
Yes, she has her moments where i swear i gave birth to a banchee, but she is for the most part an excellent baby. She's been sleeping through the night since she was 9 weeks old, she is a great little eater, and she makes me the happiest mommy in the whole world with just a little smile.

I am so luck to have such a wonderful baby.
Happy 4 Months Sweet Baby Brynlee!