Wednesday, December 31, 2008

5 years ago...

....I had the BEST New Years Eve when Jonny got home from Guatemala!

I seriously cant believe it's already been 5 years!!!Time Flies! But what a fantastic 5 its been! I cant wait for the next 5!

(These pics were taken...maybe the day after Jon got home. Doesn't he look SO young?!)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Hopeless Romantic ~Unconscious~ Husband.

My sweet Jonny talks in his sleep quite often. He's quite the active sleeper too, to be honest. I consider myself lucky to have escaped thus far without a broken nose, or cheek bones for all the times I've been elbowed, or slugged in the face. :D He says the funniest things. I wish I was conscious enough to write them down. I think i need to keep a pen by the bed. :D

Well the other night the funniest thing happened.

I woke up because Jonny started SINGING. In his Sleep! and then to my surprise, he reached down, grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he fell right back asleep. Completely dead to the world, like he had never even moved to begin with.
I wish i could remember what he sang. I just laughed out loud. He of course didn't remember anything. :D
I love waking up and asking him about what he remembers. Its almost ALWAYS nothing. I love my sleep talking-and now singing Husband! He's the sweetest guy in the whole world!~Even in his Sleep!

Jon~i hope you re not embarrassed that i shared this. :) at least I'm not telling any bottomless stories. :D hahaha. 3