Thursday, December 13, 2007


Jon had this brilliant idea a few months ago that we should train for and run a half marathon in Jan. I've been running(not as faithfully as i probably should) But im a little more than half way in the half marathon milage. Its tough. Sometimes getting on that treadmill is the last thing i want to do. But the feeling you get when you've just finished running 5..6.. 7..8 miles.. its like nothing else. Exhausting. Yes. But as John Cougar would say -it "hurts so good".
Ive been putting off registering for this race. I dont know why. Procrastination has always been one of my greatest talents, so maybe its the realization that i will HAVE to run 13.1 miles and soon, has caught up to me... There is no stayin up the night before to finish preparing. Ive got to get going! But today i did it.!... I signed my life (ok, just $35 dollars)away and I'm going to run that race. ahh.:) I hope i'll be able to do it without dying. It'll be hard but something i've always wanted to do, so worth it im sure And who knows maybe i'll keep training for a whole marathon... some day... we'll see. but for the time being-does anyone have a spare knife?:)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Billy Reuben Baldwin

Poor Baby, and poor Mommy. Well Grey is trying to be like his big brother Jett already. Same Billy Count... Same Billy Bed. Hopefully he wont have to be in there too long. I think it's harder on mom than it is on baby :) You have to admit its cute though.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby Grey is Here!!

After many long awaited "last" weeks Dana finally had baby Grey. He was born on November 30, at 12:32pm. He was 8lbs 6oz and 21" long (Uncle Dr. Todd says he was over 41 weeks-Go Dana!) He is such a wonderful little baby. He already has rolly arms and thighs-ideal for squeezing. We love him so much and are sooo happy he's FINALLY here!!