Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sometimes hard FALLs hurts.

Ive been trying to figure out how to write this LONG post without sounding like a total downer. But maybe thats just what i need to feel better.
Get it all out.
Out of my head. and heart.
OUT. not for good. just for now.

FALL is one of my favorite seasons. I look forward to it every year..
We had such high hopes for Fall 2010.
Unfortunately I think we started out on the wrong foot.
We definately had some great moments.. I'll get to those ones too~ They include some seriously cute pictures of my Boo in the Happiest Place on Earth~But the majority was one big biff and FALL~(like my play on words? yea. i know. cheesey. whatever)

Sept. 25. Ouchy Fall #1. The Bite.
My wonderful mother in law got tickets for me and my sister in laws to go to the Relief Society General Broadcast. The day came and my SIL Ang couldnt come so my sister Alesa came with us instead.
Brynlee was going to be staying with her Daddy and GrandDad at GDads house while the girls left. Now first let me say I trust those men 100% with Brynlee, i just knew there would be a game on and the chances of men watching a super into everything 18 month old, and a football game at the same time would be nearly inconceivable. :D So i asked~and bugged Jon to "PLEASE~keep a close eye on her." I was really apprehensive about going. But despite my anxiety, i thought I better go to the Broadcast. Ill have a good time.. she'll be fine.
We left a little late so when we got there parking was almost impossible to find. We dropped off half of our car and me and my sil Kourtney miraculously found a parking spot a block away from the Conf. Center.
We got there just in time. Sat down, and started singing the opening Hymn.
Count your Blessings.
When we started singing this all i could think about was my Brynlee boo, and i started getting all choked up. I couldnt understand what my deal was. Why was i getting choked up and crying over a happy song. I really felt so blessed to have such a sweetie.
But immediately after the song, i started getting a bad feeling. The first speaker had just begun and and knew something was wrong with Brynlee. I had the distinct impression and thought of Stiches come into my mind, and that i wasnt there. but needed to be.
I imediately grabbed my phone and at that second jonny was calling me.
He knew i was in a meeting.
I knew something was wrong.
I accidently picked it up, and hung up quick to send a text, but he'd already sent one and i hadnt seen or heard it cause my phone was on silent. His text said
"can you step out and call me real quick"
crap. something was wrong.
so i practically ran over the ladies in the row and booked it up the stairs.
I called jon and he informed me that Brynlee had been biten.
My inlaws dog Fred, a springer spaniel had bit her in the right cheek.
I asked how bad it was. He said they were in the ER waiting for the Specialist. I said i was on my way, booked it back into the conf. center. Sobbing. and as i was half way down the stairs Kourtney turned around and saw me. she had just got the text from Angie (who we missed with us but thank heavens she was there to rip fred off Brynlee and stay with and help with her at the ER) Anyways the text said "take jenelle out and call jon." so she knew something was wrong too, saw me crying and they all jumped up and ran out too. Im sure everyone was wondering what the heck was going on.
The parking spot was a tender mercy.
We got to the car so fast.
Not passing any cops was another Tender mercy.
Kourtney, my sister in law FLEW to the Davis Hospital.
It was a 30 min drive in 15 min.
The whole way there I was terrified. Nervous. Angry. So many emotions but at the same time i felt peace. I felt the Spirit comforting me. Helping me say calm.
When we go tto the Hospital Angie was waiting outside. She told me it looked worse than it was.. ( it was actually as bad as it looked) My sweet Brynlee was being just as sweet and happy as always. PLaying with her GrandDad.
Jon looked like a wreck. worriying in the corner.

3 Puncture wounds
One in the middle of her Left Cheek.
One under that cheek. This one was the biggest. deepest. worst
and the last was by her mouth. About where the top corner of her binki hits.
She had lots of Bruises across her cheek and on her forhead from his paws.
A couple of years ago i came across a wonderful persons blog. I found it from my husbands cousins blog one day while i was surfing blogs.
I love the way she writes. I love her pictures. And i fell in love with her blogging.
well, a few years ago when i found her blog if read that her gorgeous Baby girl had been biten by a dog too.
So i followed her blog. saw the progress this sweet girl made, and
Read the testimony and strength this mother had.
I just kept thinking about her when i saw my Boo. It wasn't a coincidence that i came upon this blog years earlier.. I needed to read it. To see that its going to be ok.
I contacted her, and she gave me all sorts of wonderful advise and calming words for our situation. who'd of thought a tender mercy could've come from blog surfing.
little did i know what an enormous blessing this stranger would be to me. in this trial.. and yes.. even later this fall for the next..
We had to wait a while for the Plastic Surgeon to get there.. he was coming from the Uof U game..And Boo was just great the whole time. Alesa had some stickers that kept her entertained, and Kourt went and got me a change of clothes. Thank heavens for sisters.
The Plastic Surgeon Came in and immediately knew we'd need stitches. did i meantion i was terrified. What kind of scars would a bunch of stiches leave?! He assured me not as bad of scars as if we left these ones open.
Jon gave Brynlee a beautiful Fathers blessing before we changed rooms. Im so thankful I have such a wonderful Husband, who honors his priesthood, and was able to give his baby such a special blessing.
As soon as we got into the other room they gave her a shot of a sedative. it was called Kedamine? and it was HORRIBLE. basically it makes her limp as a noodle. So i have to hold her there while she gets the shot and wait for her to go limp in my arms. This scared the crap out of me. As soon as her little hands stopped playing with her sheet of stickers, they grabbed her from me to put her on the oxygen, hr monitor, and start the stitching. She wasnt awake.. but she wasnt sleeping.. she was just whimpering . They said she couldnt feel anything, that she was just uncomfortable being held down.I was so worried.. and jon was in the corner .. still.. worried sick. not saying a word.. The medicine was supposed to last long enough for the Dr. to stitch her up, then we'd wait for her to wake, but he got as far as numbing her, and doing about 4 stitches on ONE puncture before her little metabolism burned through the meds. She started waking up so we had to have one nurse holding her head, one with her arms and on her body, and i had to hold her knees and feet while the dr stitched.
Brynlee was livid. She was still a little out of it, but aware enough now that she was being held down.
The nurse at her head was sweating because Brynlee was fighting so hard.
At one point we had to stop and wrap her in a blanket because her fighting was just too hard for all three of us adult women to hold her still enough.

15+ stiches, and two more antibiotic shots later they were done. They let me lay up on the bed and hold her and as soon as she was in my arms she fell asleep on my chest. We had to keep her on the oxygen for a while, but after about 45 min she started to wake up.
As soon as she saw her family standing there she started singing "popcorn popping" in her little groggy voice. She sang every word, and did all the actions.
Nothing gets this girl down!

The following days were difficult. Mostly for me i think. Brynlee was more concerned about the microscopic scratch on her knuckle than the huge punctures on her face. She would show me her knuckle and say "doggy bite" "ouchy".

We've had visits with a couple plastic surgeons, and they think she'll heal just fine. There will of course be scaring, but we dodged some serious bullets with this bite though. Location for one..thank heavens he didnt get her eye.. or her lips, or nose...and also the way the fatty cheek tissue isnt collapsing on her cheek..."count your them one by one..."
One of the bites came open under the bandage, and produced a scab; a scars worst nightmare. So that one will be a little more noticeable, but overall she's doing fantastic. Healing remarkably, and i cant believe how great she looks, and so fast. I took tons of pictures right after. To document her progress.. and for insurance reasons.. and the progress is like night and day.
They say she'll have pink scars for about a year,maybe two, but they'll fade with time.
I think back often about that opening song we sang right before i found out about the bite.
Count your blessings.
name them one by one...
so i will. despite the struggle. or pain. Im going to choose to keep counting.
This was Brynlee the next day. She had the longest nap~
I think she was just completely tuckered out from the night before.
what a sweetie.
Did you notice her binki? We had to have the nurse cut it because the top corner was right on one of her wounds.
We called it the Phantom of the Binki look!
B pulled her Band-Aids off in the night.
You can see the bruising better as it heals.

At the Facial Specialist.
These princesses go everywhere with Brynlee.
Having fun picking out her first pumpkin of the season.
its amazing how fast and great these are healing.
we had one problem with the bottom bite.
we kept it moist.. alll the time it seemed.. but it kept on opening.. and a scars worst nightmare.. the scab appeared.

Brynlee is going to have to get this bottom bite redone.
Probably this september because of the way its healing.
the Plastic surgeon would like to stich it back up vertically.
And then maybe again when she's about 14. we'll see.
Its not sounding like it will be, but i hope next sept. turns out better than this one.

Octobers fall isnt bad. more like a scratch on the knee ;D
And there are some Cute Disney pictures of my boo.
so stay tuned.