Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

I think i have the best Husband in the WHOLE WORLD! This last Sunday the 15th was our 4th year anniversary and my sweet husband planned an awesome trip to Cali to hit some of the same spots we visited on our Honeymoon! (And for those of you who know the story-NO we did not go back to the Dolphins Cove Hotel where the maid incident happend. )Wanna hear about it? read on. :)
Jonny had this planned a few weeks before we went and decided he better tell me about it before we left.. after all who would pack for me.. or better yet HIM (just kidding babe...sort of.;)
On Friday morning we woke up bright and early and headed out to the Airport! We flew the only way to go-JET BLUE, to Long Beach Cali. and met our Uncle Rich who we saw on the airport shuttle in SL for Lunch..(thanks for everything Rich!)we then checked into our hotel in Dana Point and fell right asleep. :) really we did. That night jon and i went and got a pizza and had dinner on the beach.

i think california pizza is better than any pizza we have here. Can anyone prove me wrong? The beach was so fun, but for anyone looking for a warm Cali trip.. wait until July. The "June Gloom" is cold!
Saturday morning we woke up early and headed down to SanDiego to the US Open. (sorry no photos. they wouldnt let us have our cameras or even our phones.:(..sad)Well Jon was STOKED. He kept on giggling wheever he'd see a player. Seeing him that happy was the best part for me. We walked around and watched a few holes, and then sat up in one of the bleachers (hole #7 for all you usopen fans) and watched from there for a few hours. The only thing not pleasant that day was that if felt like it was 30 degrees. It was FREEEEZING. Jon bought me a sweet USOpen blanket though, and that helped. It was awesome to see Tiger come through. After he came through where we were sitting we went and found more seats at hole 15 to wait and watch the players again. After tiger and Rocco went through we decided to go because the crowd was getting HUGE and it'd be a nightmare to leave with everyone. Too bad Tiger chipped in a Birdie, and got an Eagle after we left. We heard the ROARS from the parking lot. Dang it. We should have stayed. I felt bad, but jon said he didnt care. :)whatever. :)
Sunday-Our Anniversary we woke up and went on an AWESOME dolphin/whale watching adventure.
We didnt end up seeing the Blue Whales, but we went through 2 Pods of Dolphins both with over 1,000 to a pod. it was AWESOME. There were TONS of tiny tiny baby dolphins and they were right next to the boat. They were EVERYWHERE! I loved it.

Jon gets motion sickness so i think i enjoyed it more than him! Thanks for taking me anyways Jonny!

Later that day Jon suprised me with our last night say in the SWEETEST hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon too. The BALBOA BAY CLUB!

I could seriously stay there forever. I went right down to the pool while Jon-well you guessed it... watched the open. Thats ok though. He warned me in advance that that'd happen. I read half a book by the pool. It was awesome. Later we went to an amazing restaurant at a Resort Called Sand and Surf. It was AWESOME. The food was YUMMMY and the View was INCREDIBLE! The waves came right next to the building!

To finish off a great Anniversary We... (hold the maid service) Endulged. ...In... THIS>>>>

and this

and this!

Thank you room service! :)
Here we are leaving the Balboa Bay Club. So SAd.

On our last day in California we went over to Disneyland and i was reminded exactly WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO DISNEYLAND AFTER MAY! We rode a couple of the best rides in California Adventure, one of which was a roller coaster-again with the motion sickness.. jon did not do well with this ride. Sorry jonny :) Thanks for riding it anyways.

We then went into Disneyland, but were so claustrophobic we left before any rides. I still love just being in Disneyland. My favorite part is when jon and i went to a Drawing class and learned how to draw Minnie. Jon did the best drawing i've ever seen him do. Good Job:)

Oh.. and one more great thing about Disneyland... The Incredible...CHURRO!! YUMMY!

We did alittle more shopping and then headed back home. Since we hadnt been around a TV all day jon didnt know anything about what went on durning the UsOpen Playoff that day, so he spent before the flight, during and after with his head down to avoid tv's and his Ipod up loud to avoid hearing anyone talk about it... Cause we all know EVERYONE will be talking about it. haha. love you jon.

I had such a great time, and Im so thankful i married such an awesome guy. We have so much fun together. We're always laughing or goofing off with eachother, and im just so happy to be married to my very best friend! The last 4 years have been some of the best in my life, and i cant wait for all the years to come!LOve you Babe! Thanks for the Awesome Trip!!!

These guys are why i LOVE being an Aunt

This weekend my sisters took the kids to Ashlee's inlaws and took some pictures of them for a Fathers Day present for Grandpa Keith! I think i have some seriously CUTE Nephews and Niece!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Disneyland Trip 2008!!

Im a month behind in blogging, but better late than never right?

So last month was soooo Super Fun.. My mom, all my sisters and ALL the Babies went on our Second Annual Disneyland trip! Its become a tradition i guess you could call it for me to win Disneyland tickets on the radio, and then mom pays for the hotel and we split the extra tickets that we have to get. It is one of the Best trips of the year!
Last year we didnt have grey, luke, shelby, or Kt(bedrest sucked) So it was so fun to have those 4 come this year. We did alot of sitting and feeding and SLOW walking, but the best part was just being there and laughing with all my sisters, mom, nephews and niece. Life is FUN!
Here are a TON of pictures from our trip! Enjoy!