Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Welcome back my watery friends. You weren't missed as badly as Alesa wanted you to be.

If you are saying to yourself "What the.."
Please... READ ON!


Do you know my sister ALESA? If you do-Raise your hand. Do you know EVILesa? You might think im talking about a different person. But I'm warning you all. She is one in the SAME.

Most of you might think you know ALESA as the sweet-singing-dancing-happy-huggy-squeely sweet girl she's fooled you to think she is. But listen closely everyone-There is another side of her. and evil side. When this side comes out we meet EVILESA. dun dun dun.

Dont believe me?

It was a beautiful sunny day in 1987. We were all at a fun happy birthday party at McDonalds. I was 3 so naturally when i see my sweet? sister Alesa huddle everyone in a circle i go to check out whats so interesting. Well as i approach ALESA yells 1-2-3 and BOOM a napkin full of PEPPER goes flying at my face and in my eyes. WHY oh WHY you ask would ALESA ever do such a thing. Its almost unbelieveable.. almost.. I believe this might be one of the first EVILESA sightings.

I left my waterbottle on Alesas desk. . . Enter EVILESA. She thinks it'd be funny for everyone to keep telling me "i know where your water bottle is..." funny? no. obnoxious. im getting texts.. instant messages etc with the same message. So- i get a clear cup. A sufficiant replacement. Im happy with my clear cup. Well naturally after 4 cups of water nature will call-and what do i find upon returning to my desk. NO CLEAR CUP. I believe i have been robbed twice by EVILESA.

We're not safe until she's dead
she'll come stalking us at night
Set to sacrifice our children to her monstrous appetite
she'll wreak havoc on our village if we let her wander free
So it's time to take some action, boys
It's time to follow me!!!
Oh wait... wrong beast.. haha.


OK ok- We all know im kidding-She really is one of the sweetest sisters in the whole world. even if she has these fiesty moments. haha. Maybe this post will teach her to mess with someone elses' waterbottle. LOVE YOU ALESA!

PS. My Question for all of YOU. Do YOU have a fiesty "evilesa" story? There arent many, so if you do- PLEASE SHARE!!! (of course followed by something nice. we're not here to offend. just laugh. still love u alesa he he.)