Saturday, April 25, 2009

I cant get enough of this baby.

I seriously cant get enough of this baby. :D We're always taking funny pictures during her "awake time" :D 

This is me doing more picture therapy cause Jon is gone and Brynlee is screaming. :( uhg.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture Therapy

Today i was felling kinda sad because my munchkin doesn't fit in her newborn feety jammies any more. Brynlee is 6 weeks today, and i just cant believe how time flies. She is getting so big. Even though it makes me sad how fast its going I am loving the the rolly thighs.. and those  mmm mmmm are getting bigger every day. 
So to make myself feel better i took a look at all the pics from the past 6 wonderful :) (that smileys for u mom) weeks and enjoyed a little picture therapy. Here are a.. few. enjoy :)

Brynlee at the Hospital
Chillin on Mom and Dads Bed
I cant believe she was this Tiny. She totally hangs off of this now.
Brynlees first Paparazzi encounter. I think i took over 100 pics like these...

Cute little eyes
Sleeping on mom. Look at those skinny little arms.
Tubby Time!!!
All Clean :D
Hangin with Daddy.
 Smiley Girl
Tubby's make me tired...
Brynlee at EXACTLY One month doing the same thing she was doing then... Screaming :D
Tummy Time.
Brynlee watching Conference like all the grown ups do. :D

And these pictures i took yesterday. These are the pictures that make me realize how big she's getting. I love them. Check out the thighs. 

Check out those yummy cheeks!!!

Chunky Monkey. Aren't the thighs awesome?

Going to Grandmas in my super Cute Purple polka dot outfit. :D Doesn't she look like such a big girl?!

Oh how i love this baby!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Apparently we're going through a Little Phase...This is Brynlee in the Middle of the night.. and sometimes in the middle of the day with Mommy....

 Jonny has been sick, so I haven't (at my request) had much help from him lately. Well he's feeling better, so tonight when he got home, and she finished eating I handed her over and jumped in the shower...honestly expecting to hear her fuss the whole time like she usually does at night when she's tired....And of course i walk downstairs to THIS...

I think its safe to say Brynlee is DEFINITELY A DADDYS GIRL!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today our Baby Brynlee is ONE MONTH old. I cant believe how fast time goes. It feels like we just barely brought her home, At the same time i cant remember life without her. She really is the most wonderful thing that has ever happend to us! Happy One Month Baby Girl!