Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alesa's Birthday Suprise

So here's the story: Alesa's awesome roomate Amy decorated her office last night and gave me this confetti thing to blow up in her office. Well as you can see I obviously didnt get the concept of the whole thing. (Watch me struggle to twist it in the background.) Well i finally get it to turn, but i was expecting more like one of those pillsbury dough explosions from the middle, so the result was just scaring the crap out of alesa, and shooting confetti all over a coworkers child who happend to be standing right in the line of confetti fire. He of course went screaming to mom, while i swept the confetti into alesa's office. Not really the effect we were going for, but her office looks trashed none-the-less. And for those who know me I got what i wanted... a loud boom and a startled Birthday Girl!! Oh how i love to scare. Bwwwaaahahaha (insert evil laugh).

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Fam and Friends

Here are some pics of the Fam and some friends who came. I took some of these pictures on my phone, so they might be a little blurry. sorry.

Halloween Feast!

Halloween was so fun this year. Thank you to all who came.. to everyone else feel free to come next time. I didnt really tell anyone about it this year... we just had whoever wanted to come, sort of a non formal thing... It got pretty crowded in that little house of ours, but we still had fun.