Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Pictures.

Get ready for some seriously cute Birthday Pictures.
Brynlee was a little stinker the whole time. Her cute little friend Sawyer was an angel baby. Smiling, Laughing, Posing!
Brynlee gave me maybe 3 smiles the whole time. The rest of the shoot was DRAMA.
Oh well.
Here's a sneek peek at her "Trash the Cake" segment.
She loved to pick the white dots off ONE dot at a time.
Funny Girl

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Camera+Cute Model=FUN PICTURES

Im so glad i have such a cutie to take pictures of while i learn how to use the new cool camera Jon got me for Christmas. After all she IS the reason for wanting a better Camera. Im super slow at learning how everything works..There are so many aspects that go into getting a good picture and dont even get me started with Photoshop. I might be able to speak Chinese before i get a hang of it! But im trying and i think little by little I'll get there. Im not goin for anything professional, just something I love and can say i did hanging on my still bare.. after 3 years... walls.
(I took this picture but my cute friend helped me play with the vintage look. shes trying to teach me bless her heart. :D haha.)