Monday, May 25, 2009


Until Katie starts posting more pictures of my stinkin cute niece Im going to steal her pictures so you all can see how wonderful and beautiful she is!!

Oh isnt she yummy? check these ones out..
Katie took them. She's an awesome Photographer!
Dont you just wanna squeeze her? :D I do!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Born at 12:10am

7lbs 9oz 19"long

Congratulations Nate, Katie and Big Sister Shelby!

(I think she looks just like Katie!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Months Already?!?

Yesterday my Sweetie turned 2 Months Old.
She is getting cuter and bigger Everyday.
Im starting to feel sad that its going SO fast, but all the new things she does are SO FUN.
Brynlee loves to smile back at you and she is even starting to make cooing sounds.
Every day gets better and better!
Even the NIGHTS are getting good. Brynlee is now sleeping pretty consistently through the night! And napping pretty good through the day ( with the exception of her evening nap. :))
I cant believe how much i love this little girl.
Happy 2 Months Baby Brynlee!

 (Brynlee at 2 Months! Such a big girl! )

Oh my gosh, Don't you just want to squeeze her?? :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Brynlee's Cute Cousin Shelby

Brynlee and i spent the day at Katie's yesterday so Katie could take some pics of Brynlee in her Blessing Dress. We have so much fun with the little girls. 
Isn't Shelby's new doll so cute? :) 
(Don't worry i was sitting in the bathroom right next to Brynlee so she didn't fall :D ) 
Shelby is so cute with Brynlee! Later that night Brnlee was crying and it made Shelby so sad that she started crying too, and Shelby kept on saying "Oh Honey!...Honey!..." to try to calm Brynlee down. Such a good Cousin!

Twinner Diaper girls!

We got so many cute pictures! (Thanks kt!)
We sure love hangin out with Kt and Shelby!