Friday, October 24, 2008

High YA!!

However YOU describe it, Im absolutely in LOVE with feeling my little punkin move!

Monday, October 20, 2008


If you have a mouse trying to get into your house, just leave your dogs water out over night, and the mouse will take care of itself.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


A week ago we had our 16 week appointment. My favorite part of the whole appointment is obviously the ultrasounds. All last month I'd been compiling questions to ask the Dr. to try and stall alittle to make the ultrasound a little longer ( they were real questions, i just had a lot of them) I also had Jon all practiced and well rehearsed to ask the Dr. to see all sorts of body parts while we were checking out the baby so we could get some really good shots!
The first shot was my favorite..all curled up in a very uncomfortable little ball wiggling its toes! I loved that! Well i proceed to ask tell the Dr. "I'd love to see some Fingers! and Toes! Oh, and we also need to make sure we're still having a Boy!"
So we see the toesies wiggling, and the little fist up by the head! So cute! Everything is looking GREAT, healthy, right on track with size and dates!Then the Dr. goes to answer my last question.. "Uh... There is just one little problem," "WHAT!I said!"

Remember that 12 week, 90% BOY shot?

WELL, It became our 16 week, 100% GIRL SHOT! Ha ha ha!

Here's our little Skeletor

Jon loved this one of her ribs and back. :) "coool"

So this March we will officially be welcoming a baby GIRL! The Dr. said he's sure it won't change again!

Boy did she have us fooled! :) I was completely stoked!I called my little sister Katie first to let her know her little Shelby wont be a loner anymore. :) She was thrilled too.
Don't get me wrong~I was really excited to have a boy, I am head over heals for my little nephews, but I'm super thrilled to be having a little girl! I'm so incredibly excited to see Jonny with her. He is probably the sweetest guy I know, but I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing a whole new side of sweet when he's holding his little baby girl. He's going to be the BEST daddy in the world. I cant wait!