Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have any of you seen the first Harry Potter Movie?

You know the part where you see Voldemort sucking the Unicorns blood, and its dripping down his face??. Today I was reading about a condition called Pica. Its were your pregnant body is lacking things like iron, so you crave (and some women EAT) things like Coal, dirt, soaps, etc.? Well this was the movie image that popped in my head when i read about eating dirt~ Except instead of Vodemort it was some pregnant woman squating over a pile of dirt~eating it with dirt all over her face! That'd probably scare me more than Vodemort in real life! Ha ha ha!
Actually~ Its pretty ironic that Vodemort comes to my mind, because there are times with these psycho hormones that i've felt more like Voldemort than Me. Ha ha ha.

So i got to thinking~ Have i really CRAVED anything during My Pregnancy?!

YES! I thought.

There is ONE THING these last 3 1/2 Months that i would say i craved.
Only ONE thing that hasnt ONCE made me go into a dry-heaving fit just thinking about it..
ONE thing that unfortunately wasnt in season.. That is until just recently~

But now, thank you to my WONDERFUL MOTHER for bringing me a smorgasborg of these...

and THIS monster

I've been in PEACH HEAVEN all week! YUM!
Here's to cravings!!!
Thanks Mom! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Country Barn Boutique

You know those fun little boutiques that go on every season? Those ones where you walk in and are completely overwhelmed by the shear amount of painted wood? Soaps? and knitted things? You all know you like to go peak inside those boutiques..
I must admit, i don't consider myself crafty at all~in fact at first in order to even operate the sewing machine, i needed my sister Alesas' constant supervision! But I've decided to test the waters of the boutique world. No I'm not Tying a bunch of sticks together and selling them.. or painting wood blocks..(that would've been easier though..) I decided to see how these Minky Burp Rags I've made for a couple of my friends' babies sold. They are extremely soft and i used some Darling fabric!
So i made a few dozen, rented a booth, and got all set up. Its been ALOT of work, and I'm glad I've done it..All i have to do now is see how they sell, and see if it was worth it. I'm kind of nervous about it.. maybe alittle self conscious too.. i don't know why. Maybe its because its something handmade, I'm SO new to the whole sewing thing, and the public will be looking at and buying them... ahhh.. But I'm glad i put myself out there and did it cause I've always just wanted to try. I seriously don't now how some of those ladies make so much stuff and do it every time! :)
The Country Barn Boutique (on Mutton Hollow in Kaysville/Layton) opens for a preview tonight. 4-8, and then 10-8 Thurs & Fri., and 10-5 on Sat. Wish me luck. :)
(And thank you to my Wonderful Mom and Sister Alesa for all your help!)

This is me setting up and laughing cause i made a funny face last minute in the last picture Alesa was trying to take. ha ha. I look like I'm lovingly admiring my burp rags. ha ha. gag.

This is my finished little wicker shelf. I was originally told I'd be getting a wicker basket, so I wasn't planning on having so much space, so I had to use most of the Rags I'd made to fill the shelves. So much for restocking. :)
You can click on this picture if you want to see the burp rags up close.